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At Pilar’s Tamales, we use the freshest ingredi­ents, including organic, locally-grown produce.
We want to help assure that you enjoy our Tamales, even if you need to re-heat them. 
Below are helpful instructions to help you prepare Pilar's Tamales that need to be re-heated after purchase.

Pilar's Cooked Tamales ~ Reheating Instructions

They can be reheated by steaming or in the microwave.


To Steam Frozen

  • Remove Tamales from package. Leave in foil wrapper and steam in a steamer for 20 minutes or until hot. Don’t let pot boil dry.

  • Unwrap tamales and serve hot.


If Tamales are thawed - Microwave

  • Remove aluminum foil BUT leave in parchment paper wrap and place on a microwaveable plate and cover with a damp paper towel.

  • Microwave for 2 – 3 minutes or until hot.

  • Uncover, remove parchment paper and serve hot.


Enjoy Pilar's Tamales on their own, or with your favorite salsa.

Comments or Questions.  Call us at 734.929-4161

Thank You – From all of us at Pilar’s

Below are a couple of examples of steaming methods:

vegie steamer.jpg
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